Rajmata Jijau Mother-Child Health & Nutrition Mission

Maharashtra was the first state in the country to take a decision to tackle malnutrition in ‘Mission – mode’ and with this purpose, Rajmata Jijau Mother – Child Health & Nutrition Mission was established. The first phase of the Mission was set up in 2005, and the second phase started in 2011 and third phase in 2017. The aim of the Mission is to reduce child malnutrition in Maharashtra by focusing on the child's first 1000 days from conception.

Our Role


Emphasize the significance of child's first 1000 days

Think Tank

Acting as a ‘think tank’ and advising the government based on actual evidence to decide the policy


Integrate / unify different sectors to achieve common goals of reducing malnutrition

What's New

DWCD, GoM won the “SKOCH Silver Award” for MAVIM e-Business Platform, a digital intervention for strengthening linkages from farm-to-market, thus empowering women farmers.

DWCD, GoM won “Order of Merits” for “Know Your District”, a digital low-cost intervention for intelligent visualization of ICDS data at anganwadi, beat, project and district levels and “Tarang Suposhit Maharashtracha”, a digital communication initiative for counselling and IEC dissemination during COVID-19

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