In house innovations

In house innovations

Tarang Suposhit Maharashtra

In collaboration with ICDS, UNICEF and the department Media partner, the Mission developed “Tarang Suposhit Maharashtra” – a digital communication initiative for counselling and IEC dissemination

Launched on 22nd October 2020 by Hon. Minister, Women and Child Development, “Tarang Suposhit Maharashtra” is a targeted digital intervention to reach out to families and communicate essential nutrition related information. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted key services such as anganwadi counseling and IEC activities. To prevent the compromise of service delivery and strengthen nutrition and early childhood care and education (ECCE) counselling, 9 Lakh beneficiaries per month will be reached out through 3 digital channels – IVR helpline – 8080809063, Broadcast calls, and WhatsApp chatbot – .Through the initiative families will also have access to “Ek Ghas Mayecha”, a recipe video series, where ICDS Lady Supervisors demonstrate local recipes for mothers and children along with guidance for hygiene practices and responsive feeding.

MAVIM e-Business Platform 

In collaboration with MAVIM, the Mission developed “MAVIM e-Business Platform”, a digital intervention for strengthening linkages from farm-to-market, thus empowering women farmers

Launched on 18th September 2020 by Hon. Minister, Women and Child Development, this is the very first government-initiated system in Maharashtra to capture real-time data for agricultural and allied commodities. It is a low-cost system available in Marathi, for capturing the type of produce that can be supplied by a farmer as well as its variety, quantity, and location. Through the platform, supply can be aggregated in real-time, thus enabling bulk sale of produce in the organized market. This subsequently led to fetching better prices for the women farmers. For example, in Morshi taluka of Amravati district women goat-farmers received 20% higher rate for their goats, as the sale was made in bulk. Similarly, small vegetable farmers in Thane that faced challenges in selling their produce due to the lockdown were able to generate significant income as MAVIM officers aggregated their vegetables using “e-Business platform” and sold it to a private company.


In collaboration with IIT Bombay, the Mission developed “Know-your-district”, a digital low-cost intervention for intelligent visualization of ICDS CAS data at anganwadi, beat, project and district levels

Through better visualizations and user-friendly representations of the collected data, district decision makers can make an evidence-based response. The system also serves as a platform for inter departmental convergence for relevant child and maternal based indicators. Currently 7 districts have been given access to the portal.

Policies for promotion of nutrition outcomes

Amendments proposed and provided to other departments policies, for promotion of nutrition outcomes

Support to ICDS CAS implementation

Support in the roll out of ICDS CAS through data analysis and communication of field level issues to Central teams at Government of India